Krishnamacharya says:

“If you can breathe you can do yoga”

Everyone is welcome at our Studio, regardless of yoga abilities.

Soham Yoga Studio in Mona Vale, is a boutique studio catering to smaller personalised classes.

We offer daily Vinyasa-style classes, please see the timetable for schedule. Also the option of custom group or individual sessions with your friends or family at any other convenient time. Click on BYO Group link above for more information about group bookings.

Soham is a space where you can leave the outside world behind and reconnect to Self.  You will use the power of the mind, body and breath connection to escape from outside influences, if only for a short while.

So come and join us on a beautiful journey inward.

  • A dynamic practice focused on the connection of Mind, Body and Breath.

    Offered Daily

    20 Australian dollars
  • A series of mat-based postures, long slow holds using props.


    20 Australian dollars
  • Create your own group of up to 7 people and practice anytime.

    100 Australian dollars
  • Come into the studio for a prerecorded meditation sessions on demand.

    15 Australian dollars
  • Design a yoga practice to suit your body and your needs.

    100 Australian dollars