Let’s get Stomping!

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Are you ready to change your life and start putting you first?
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 Ready to remember your dreams?

 Ready to reawaken your unique spirit?

 Ready to put you first?

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PLUS we will debunk the myth that you can’t have it all! You can when you put YOU first!

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“As a Yoga Teacher I recognize the importance of presence, of being aware and making thought and action conscious. I see so many of my students operating on auto pilot, following a predesigned script of what their life should be. There is another way, this challenge is all about putting you first. It can be difficult after putting others ahead of self for so long, but I promise you when you start everything in your life gets better!”

Lyn Savage
350hr Yoga Teacher

Take the challenge and join the revolution of everyday women putting themselves first.

Rediscover YOU!