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You will receive a 10 minute guided meditation each day for 30 days. The intention is to create time for yourself to connect to your inner soul.  Listed below are some tips to help you connect.

The ritual of taking time out for yourself is the first step to making your meditation session successful.  Choose the same time everyday and try to stick to it. Once you fill your cup you have the capacity to give to others. Make time for your own ritual and honour it. 


Take your seat. Slow down and allow your attention to be drawn inward. Feel your body, Feel the areas of your body that touch the earth and feel the support it offers you. Feel your breath as it moves through your body, notice the effect this awareness has on you.

As you begin to focus more deeply you will notice thoughts coming into your mind. You are not going to be able to stop the thoughts, the intention is to notice the thought and to let it go without allowing yourself to get drawn into it. 


When you recognise that you are not your thoughts, they loose their power.  You begin to notice who you are without the thought, without the story and it opens you up to a brand new level of clarity. It is this clarity that brings freedom.

From freedom comes a deep sense of calm that fills your body.  You allow yourself to connect to the true essence of who you are.  You are no longer a passenger along for the ride in a crazy world, you determine your path and navigate it from a place of calm.

Find your bliss.

Each day you will receive a 10 minute guided meditation sent directly to your inbox. To register your purchase please fill in your details below.

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