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Lessons from Simha

Yesterday I made a new friend, this is Maali. Can you believe we were born just days apart 😳. Our meeting taught me about bravery.

A couple of days ago I was pounced upon by a big, rather terrifying dog. It think my Mum’s heart stopped for a second, this is one of her biggest fears! Thankfully I got away with no serious damage but the mental angst could have been debilitating. Little dogs... big dogs.... it’s sometimes scary stuff!

The next day I met Maali, to say Mum was a little nervous is an understatement but we moved past it and we got to have a play. He is a gentle giant puppy, I even put my head right in his mouth 😁Super brave, right?

My lesson, don’t let past experiences stop you from future experiences, take the lesson, learn from it and be open to future experiences. You never know what’s around the corner. ❤️


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