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Lessons from Simha

I love the feeling that engulfs my entire body the moment before I fall asleep. Total surrender, every muscle relaxed, trusting in the unconditional support of the earth below me.

It is spectacular to have this unwavering belief. How scary would life be if I doubted it? Makes me think about the things that worry me. There aren’t many.... my biggest concern is if I am going to get to play in the park. I know I can’t control it, that’s Mum’s choice but it does cause me some angst.

Today I am going to let that go, I have no control so why should I let it control me. Instead I will live each moment in the here and now, giving it my all. If I do get to go to the park it’s going to make it so much sweeter knowing that I won’t be worrying about when it was time to go home.❤️

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