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Sisters Circles hosted on the New Moon or the Full Moon

Soham in collaboration with Akasha Crystals has launched a monthly Sisters Circle.  Our circles are an opportunity to step back and reflect using this ancient art of connection which has been abandoned by modern society. It is a beautiful medium to find your way back to your sacred power as woman. Teaching you to listen, to trust your inner voice and to allow it to guide you.

What is a moon circle?

A sacred gathering of women coming together to honour and celebrate the moon calling on it's power to find ground, to centre our thoughts and aspirations, and to tap into receiving higher wisdom through the sacred sisterhood.


Our circles are a safe space, where we come together to feel supported and seen. Everything that happens in circle remains privately within the circle, allowing an opportunity to truly open up, share, and be your authentic self. It's a glorious sacred space to grow, explore and to delve deeply into connecting with body and soul.


Each circle follows a theme but they are guided by the needs of those present. We are here to support you, offering space for you to share your hopes, dreams and struggles. We develop together, moving through healing and transformation of ourselves as well as that of others in the circle.

The circle lasts for an hour, it will include things like; meditation, grounding practices, simple yoga, journaling, sharing, setting intentions, letting go of things that hold you back and many more exciting exploratory techniques that help us draw us closer to our authentic selves.

If you are feeling hesitant about coming, I urge you to give it a go.  You will leave feeling energised, lighter and filled with immense joy that comes from deep within your soul.

Our next circle will be held on the 4th May at 6.00. Click here to book your spot at our next one, you won't be disappointed.

Grace Marshall

Each time I attend a practice it's somehow exactly what I needed.
She is always welcoming, super caring and so calming.
I really like the new studio at Mona Vale, it's lovely inside and there's loads of parking, close to coffee shops and right behind Pittwater Place.

Shelley Hull

Lyn is a truly wonderful yoga teacher, I feel like I'm getting so much benefit from my yoga classes now that I hadn't gotten before and it's definitely due to Lyn's teachings. It's a beautiful space also, I always look forward to my classes.

Natalie Stuart

Lyn’s teaching has helped my fitness. Tennis elbow and my day to day coping methods in being a busy mum and business owner. Lyn takes the time to find out injuries and personal goals and puts them into place in class. I try to go each day and she helps my day to day mental health and has been instrumental in healing my tennis elbow and helping me strengthen my body and keep being able to play competitive tennis. Also she has become a lovely friend. I cannot recommend her enough.

Tracy Davey

Lyn is beautiful soul who guided us through our asana practice effortlessly.
Her love for yoga and sharing the benefits shine through. Loved my class with Soham Yoga. x

64 Darley Street, Mona Vale, 2103  -  Phone: 0403284659 -

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